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  近代歷史地理資訊平臺(MHGIS, Modern History Geographical Information Services)是由中央研究院近代史研究所,及人社中心地理資訊科學研究專題中心合作的數位典藏加值應用計畫,本計畫旨在於透過地理資訊技術,將關於空間的史料轉化為易於使用的空間資訊,以降低其利用門檻。平臺提供的資料包括經定位校正的歷史地圖,以及特定主題的數位圖資。平臺以「現代性」與「接觸地帶」為核心概念,資料涵蓋範圍包括今日東亞、東南亞各地的通商口岸或商埠、租界(包括鐵路附屬地、避暑地)、海關設關地、鐵路樞紐及各大主要城市等等。地圖類型以提供含有市街資訊的大比例尺地圖(1/25000以上)為主,另外亦有地形圖、水路圖、鐵路路線圖及其他主題地圖。

  MHGIS提供「地區瀏覽」與「主題瀏覽」。「地區瀏覽」蒐集各城市地圖,標註基本圖資,包括地標、鐵路、道路、城牆、海岸/河岸線五項;其中上海地區有地標、路網、公共交通路線等,資料來自MHDB《近代商號資料庫》《近代史料全文資料庫》及法國 Virtual Shanghai 研究團隊。「主題瀏覽」結合史料與圖資,並串連MHDB其他資料庫,展示各類文本呈現在時空平台中的樣貌。


MHGIS (Modern History Geographical Information Services) is a historical Archives digitalization and value-added project jointly developed by the Institute of Modern History, and Center for GIS, RCHSS, Academia Sinica. This project aims to transform spatial historical sources into easier-to-use spatial information through geographic information technology, in order to lower the criterion for its use. The platform provides resources include location-corrected historical maps and digital maps of specific themes. The key concept of the platform is "modernity" and "contact zone," and the information covers trading or treaty ports, concessions (including railway annexes and summer resorts), Customs offices, railway hubs, and metropolitan cities in East and Southeast Asia today. Maps are mainly large scale (1/25,000 and above) maps with city and street information, topographies, maps of water routes, maps of railways, and other thematic maps.

MHGIS provides "Browse by Areas" and "Browse by Topics". The "Browse by Areas" collects maps of each city, labeled with basic information, including landmarks, railways, roads, city walls, and coastlines/riverbanks; among them, Shanghai has landmarks, road networks, and public transportation networks. The information comes from MHDB's Database of Firms in Modern China, and Modern Historical Book Compilation Full-text Database, and the Virtual Shanghai research team of France. "Browse by Topics" combines historical sources and geographical Information. Also, the function links to other MHDB databases to show how the various texts present in the platform of space.

Users can enter key terms in the searching box on the home page to get an overview of the entire site's graphics; or directly visit each area, and themes, and operate the menus on the left side of the webpage for a more precise and detailed understanding and observation of each topic. Users can also use the function of "Measurement and Vectorization" to mark the graphics that individual needs and export the results of vectorization.

《近代史地理資訊平臺的設計、建置與應用案例》 Modern History Geographic Information Service: Design, Development, and Applications 鄭碩(Shuo Zheng),數位典藏與數位人文 ; 10期 (2022 / 10 / 01) , P32 - 66

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